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Raw Vegan Blackberry Bars

What’s more exciting than the gorgeous weather we’ve been having this summer?

BERRY season!


British Columbia has had a robust season of berries this summer, which calls for making some delicious raw vegan blackberry cheesecake bars!  After Ricelessasian blogged about the raw vanilla cheesecake recipe in our previous post, I was interested in highlighting another guilt-free recipe on our blog before the incredible blackberry season comes to an end 😦


I lost count after eating 3 bars myself. Being home in Vancouver, I was able to give away the rest to my family and friends or else I would probably gain a lot of weight. Too bad I also couldn’t mail them to Ricelessasian who lives in Toronto (stay tuned for more bi-coastal postings…hehe). Even though these bars are considered “healthy” because they contain healthier fats like nuts (walnuts and cashews) instead of animal fats, it doesn’t mean they’re necessarily much lower in calories. I still enjoyed these more than the traditional New York Cheesecake because they weren’t too rich and I had the flexibility of eating more than one bar without feeling guilty!


I noticed that the bars I made were less smooth and were grainier than the one in this recipe. Though the texture wasn’t too unpleasant, many blackberry seeds ended up being stuck in my teeth! Next time, I will use a stronger blender like a Vitamix to blend all the ingredients together instead of a food processor. I would also recommend refrigerating the blackberry bars overnight or a day before eating them so that the texture is just right! I think even freezing them would be an amazing frozen treat in the summer.


Hope you’re enjoying a fruitful summer as well,