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What’s your Pasta?

Pasta comes in all colours, shapes, and sizes. It’s also one of Matchachoco’s favourite dishes, and I noticed that we’ve featured a couple of pasta dishes here on the blog. We also love trying out all sorts of unique types!

Featured in here are: coloured bowties, orzo, long fusilli, mushroom fettuccine, and gnocchi pasta.


Some of these pastas have been featured in previous blog posts such as Colourful Heirloom Tomatoes with Basil Pasta Salad and Balsamic Kale and Cranberry Pasta, while I’m still planning on doing future blog posts on the others. Some other unique pasta shapes we’ve tried before that are not in the photos are Biciclette Tricolori Pesto Pasta with Goat Cheese and Tomatoes and Festosi Pasta with Light Lemon Zest Cream sauce.


I’m still planning on making my own pasta from scratch one day (once I get a pasta maker!). But in the mean time, I’ll just be collecting unique types of pasta for now 😛

IMG_0638Coloured Bowties
I got these on sale from Winners, otherwise they are quite pricey! They are mostly naturally coloured, made with beets, tumeric, and black squid, except for the blue pasta which is made with blue curacao. These bowties are great for pasta salads or any pasta dish that has a clear sauce.

Is it rice or pasta? Orzo I thought (I’m sorry I’ve been waiting for so long, to use that pun). Basically, orzo is a pasta shaped like rice.

IMG_0633“Gnocchi” pasta
My mom got these for me from Winners. I recently used this pasta for my kale and balsamic pasta dish. This pasta is great with dishes with meat or vegetable pieces as those pieces stick to the hollow areas of the pasta. This pasta is often confused with gnocchi, the doughy type of dumplings, which is also a popular Italian dish.

IMG_0640Mushroom Fettuccine
This pasta was bought from Winners (again). There’s actually a lot of unique  pasta finds at Winners, and even better when they go on sale! What I love about this pasta is that it smells like cream of mushroom soup when I cook them in water. The mushroom taste in this pasta is very subtle, though. To get the ultimate mushroom experience, serve this pasta with mixed mushrooms.

Long Fusilli
I love the whimsical shape of this pasta! I think this pasta is great with oil-based sauces, such as pesto, and it also makes your plate look fuller because of the curls.

So what’s your favourite pasta? 😛

– Ricelessasian

Jack-O’-Lantern Tangerines

And so the jack-o’-lantern food post continues 🙂


Here’s a healthy Halloween treat that kids (and adults) would love! Of course, the chocolate portion of the face can be eliminated, but I wanted to add a little something extra because it’s Halloween after all 😛

This recipe is very simple. So simple that there aren’t any real instructions. Basically you’ll need some tangerines, melted chocolate chips, and a piece of celery. The photos are pretty self-explanatory. This is a fun and cost-effective activity for all ages!


– Ricelessasian


Jack-O’-Lantern Stuffed Peppers

Belated Happy Halloween!


This year, I have once again been assigned to do the Halloween post. Halloween, for me, has turned out to be one of my favourite holidays that I look forward to. Although I’m not a fan of horror films or anything scary, what I love about Halloween is how creative and novel people can get with their Halloween costumes. Halloween is also a perfect time to get creative with food! 🙂


For a while now, I’ve been eyeing on the idea of jack-o’-lattern stuffed peppers I saw from a couple of food blogs, and I thought it’d be great to try them out  around this time of the year. Since I’ve never tried making stuffed peppers before, I followed this recipe by Diana DeLaFuente from Youtube. I made a few changes to the recipe by using ground turkey instead of ground pork, and adding mushrooms. It’s a very flexible recipe!


Apologies for the lack of carving skills, but at least the stuffed peppers look happy! 😛

I also made jack-o’-lantern tangerines on the side. I’ll dedicate a separate Halloween post for those later. Forget about pumpkins, let’s try making jack-o’-lanterns with different foods!

– Ricelessasian