Our Year in Review (2013)

It’s only been 8 months since we’ve started blogging, we have enjoyed every minute of it. Even the editing part. As we countdown to say hello to a brand new year and bid adieu to 2013, we recall all the wonderful experiences so far in the blogosphere and developing a platform to share our baking interests with friends, family and fellow bloggers out there.

Matchachoco: I have had the great opportunity to collaborate with my baking & blogging partner throughout this year. We overcame a few challenges this year with finding more time to bake during the busy school year. I am excited to move forward to the next year of learning, baking and blogging!

Ricelessasian: 2013 was full of ups and downs for me. It was a bittersweet year; hence the constant posts about matcha (bitter) and desserts (sweet), lol. I’m looking forward for more food adventures with my baking buddy!

Here’s 2013 in review at the Underground Culinary Lab:

Our first blog post was posted in May 2013!IMG_0521

Ricelessasian broke one of the whisks of her electric hand mixer because the butter she used was not softened enough at room temperature. For months, she dealt with an electric hand mixer with a single whisk.

A few months after, she broke the other whisk when she was beating meringue. She eventually had to buy a new electric hand mixer. I guess we can rule out that the butter was not softened enough at room temperature.

Someone was caught red handed pureeing beets for the rainbow cake Underground Culinary Lab made this year.

The first time we went to Taste of the Danforth!IMG_5965

Ricelessasian’s fan girl moment in New JerseyIMG_6309

Baked a bunch of cupcakes for a special annual event. We have still yet to feature the recipes. Untitled-1

Matchachoco rolling out dough for the pumpkin empanadas at the food lab in our school. The pumpkin empanadas were for a school event.IMG_0331

Matchachoco used the leftover pumpkin filling for pumpkin tarts!

What we were up this year’s ThanksgivingIMG_0236

The result of our impromptu baking after our volunteer shift!img_0285

The last major baking post on Underground Culinary Lab for the year of 2013

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