Dessert Trends Patisserie à Toronto


On a rainy and humid summer day, Ricelessasian and I decided to visit and sample some of the pastries at Dessert Trends. Actually, it was so impromptu that we didn’t even know if it was open or not! We thought we would take the chance anyhow. Luckily, it was open and so the dessert madness begins!


Featured here are: Chocolate & Almond Opera Cake and Passion Fruit Parfait

Passion Fruit Parfait was by-far our favourite of all the desserts we tried. The passion fruit mousse was light and airy, not like traditional Western desserts. It also didn’t taste as sweet as other types of mousse we’ve tried before, which could be attributed to the freshness of the natural fruit flavour itself.

Chocolate & Almond Opera Cake – divine layers of goodness!

The opera cake takes technique to perfect its many layers of cake base, ganache and almond crunch. The contrast in textures of smoothness and crunchiness made it that more appealing bite-after-bite. It was Ricelessasian’s first time eating opera cake so she didn’t really know what to expect! She thoroughly enjoyed it because it wasn’t too rich.


Chocolate Mousse cake with un très petit macaron! How cute is that? We were more impressed by the little macaron than the cake itself. I thought that the dark chocolate mousse was nothing too special – it tasted similar to that I’ve tried in most Asian/French patisseries in Vancouver. Though this cake base lacked fluffiness and was quite dense. We liked the zebra stripe design though – a little inspiration for our future labs!



I sneaked a photo of Ricelessasian while she was busily taking photos of all the amazing desserts. (Hopefully this sees the light of day!)


The beautiful decor at Dessert Trends Bistro is like nothing else in Toronto. Looking out through the glass windows, we actually could have imagined ourselves at a patisserie in Paris. Everything from the colour palate of the restaurant to the high walls and ceiling made it an exquisite space to be in.


The aftermath of the White Chocolate ‘Egg’ that was the container for the Passion fruit parfait. We were very impressed with the stability of the white chocolate – how could it hold the Passion fruit mousse without breaking? Ricelessasian and I took a good few minutes to hypothesize about it.




Beyond anything else, we enjoyed each other’s company – having an afternoon of Blood Orange Tea (fancy!) and treating ourselves to something special.

Ricelessasian and I are not affiliated with Dessert Trends. We were recommended to try this from our friend. It did not disappoint!



Dessert Trends Patisserie
154 Harbord St.
Toronto, ON

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